Women’s March, Morristown 1.20.18

Last year we didn’t make it out to the Women’s March but I watched almost the entire thing on TV and committed to going out to the next march. This year’s march quickly approached and I kept my promise to myself! We woke up Saturday morning excited to make it out to Morristown.

We woke up with fire in our bellies, ready to travel to see our sisters and brothers at the march. I made my daughter a little sign on one side it said, “Women and Children matter, VOTE!” and on the other it said “People and plants should not be illegal!” We ran over to a nearby convenience store for a quick cup of coffee and some sealed bottles of water. The march organizers said there might be bags checked and only sealed drinks and things would be allowed in.

Inside the store, my daughter carried her sign proudly. She was ready for this march! It started a conversation and several women asked us where we were going to march. A couple of them asked to take pictures of Hila and her sign. She grinned and held her sign up proudly! Power to the people! We were pumped.

After a relaxing drive of “Are we there yet? How far are we?” driving up 287, we arrived. A local woman lead us down to the area where the stage was set up. At a local church we were able to use the restrooms and there were snacks and sign-making supplies available. They were super kind and made resources accessible. It was really lovely.

I was soaking in the atmosphere… emotions mingling in the air of empowerment and frustration. I was happy to be among so many other people who want change, who see what’s wrong, who know we can do better and we MUST do better.

We marched. We sang. About halfway through the speakers my little one had enough, we began making our way out, petting dogs and saying hello to other marchers. We met lots of  other like-minded parents there with their children.

At home my daughter found an unused sign that said “Get up, stand up!” and I heard her yelling, “Hey hey! Ho ho! Donald Trump has got to go” with gusto as she played with her friends. I tried to get her to recreate the moment, it was so great. The naturally unfolding moment was so special, hearing her processing and playing what had happened during the day. Her recreated marching cheer was a little more forced and self conscious. Still, adorbs! My little protest marcher!

I hope to be more involved in events like this going forward. I think it is a great outlet for my thoughts and feelings about the state our world is in. It is also important to show this child that people have power, we can direct our power toward constructive ends and seek solutions that help everyone. Sharing stories, sharing moments, building connections will be how we move forward.

For me personally, this is a beginning. It’s the beginning of committing myself to express this voice within me that needs to share herself with the world. It is the beginning of an effort to make sure my needs, my voice, my actions, are really aligned with who I am and what I want to create in the world. This is the beginning of 2018 and marching in Morristown was inspiring.

Power to the polls in 2018!

Time is up!

Grab them by the midterms!

Watch scenes from the 2018 Women’s March in Morristown!

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